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H.H. Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan I Metropolitan

The world today is a global village. Every community, state or nation in one part of the world is linked to another, thanks to the rapid growth of technology. It thus becomes a necessity that we equip our children with tools and skills which will help them to march ahead and become a part of this global village. Education, I believe, is the most powerful weapon to change our society for the better.

Understanding the demands of the changing times, every parent wants to educate their child in a good English-medium school. But a greater blessing will be to be educated in a school which gives more than a knowledge of English, a school where character-building and personality development are given as much importance as education itself.

At BCEMS, we strive to achieve this goal. Our dedicated teaching staff ensure that when students step out of the school, they are not only equipped with a strong vocabulary, but are also ready to take on the world and lead the society as morally upright citizens of tomorrow.

H.H. Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan I Metropolitan

Metropolitan of Believers Eastern Church

More about H.H. Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan I Metropolitan

H.H. Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan I Metropolitan of Believers Eastern Church, is committed to giving India’s youth access to education that will equip them with both the skills and values they need to succeed. Believers Eastern Church Schools were started to help meet this goal.

H.H. Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan I Metropolitan is also deeply concerned for the well-being of impoverished children.Metropolitan’s vision to help these children resulted in Bridge of Hope, which now brings hope to tens of thousands of children. His vision is to expand the project to help 500,000 children in need.

Apart from education, H.H. Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan I Metropolitan  believes in quality health care for quality living and this has resulted in opening medical centers and hospitals which provide medical care to the community at large. H.H. Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan I Metropolitan‘s vision is that these centers will provide quality holistic healthcare in an environment where patients can find both healing and wholeness.

His Holiness has also been bringing hope and healing to families for more than 30 years through television, radio, and literature.

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