An Education Institution of Believers Church



Here we follow the preschool coaching which is the foundation for a child in his future career. The teaching goes along with the world of music, colours, toys and also with the help of smart class which help them to acquire skills and have a positive approach to the forthcoming years.  Admission depends upon the availability of seats. No admission test is given to preschool students. However parents are requested to have a follow up with regard to their wards for the smooth and happy academic development of the child.


Primary education is the foundation for a child to be successful in his/her life. It is a crucial stage for an intellectual and personal development, keeping this in mind we promote activity based learning to encourage and create confidence in all subject matters.

Our students are accessed through the CCE grading standards.  The feed back of a child’s  progress  is informed to the parents on every weeks .  In addition to this all parents are given time to meet their teachers on two days of a week (ie, Monday and Friday) from 3:45 pm to 4 pm. This helps us to create a mutual relation and coordination between parents and teachers.


The curriculum of CBSE is framed in such a manner by giving importance for a child’s intellectual skill as well as life skill which helps them to face challenges and hard ships.Optional subjects like Malayalam and Hindi  will develop the confidence of the students in handling various languages .We also provide motivation programmes to students and parents like leadership camp, developmental programmes, personality seminars.


Successful students of the secondary school are given admission to the senior secondary which lasts for two years. Students seeking admission to this stage are expected to have eligible CGPA (credits).  The following combinations are offered for the senior school.

  • Group – I:     English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer science.
  • Group – II:    English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics/ Computer Science.
  • Group III: English, Accountancy , Economics, Business studies, Informatics Practices/