An Education Institution of Believers Church



A land area of 4 acres situated at 8 Km right from Alleppy Thanneermukkam Road. We provide a campus with sufficient greenary, separate building for students to learn knowledge in a carm and fresh environment.


A well established digital classroom is designed and open for all classes. Digital class rooms have been set up in the school to increase the quality of education. It eally make a role  in the student education system to grab the visual effects of all topics. Visual illustrations hands on improving learning and understanding and thus education will surely be a joyful experience for students.


While promoting mental and emotional growth, sufficient emphasis is also given to accomplish physical growth for our children. The school provides out door sporting activities which include Badminton and Football. We have a Well Equipped and spacious play ground and a badminton cort for this. A living institution makes an impact on everything it touches. The mind, the dream, the character and the all round personality of the student .


To encourage and kindle their curiosity the four laboratories Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science, situated on the main block are equipped with the latest equipments and most modern apparatus. Experimental science is entirely based on accurate observation recorded in the laboratories using proper instruments.


Our school library is well stocked with periodicals, newspapers, story books, and academics books. Evert unique student will get the oppertunity to read and research in the libraty


BCEMS has a well equiped and farnished two computer labs. Each computer is facilitated with the softwares that cover our curriculam. We maintain 2:1 proportion (two student-one system) in our lab which will help the student to be well versed with the software.