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World Environment Day Celebration – 2015

Environment DayA special assembly was conducted in connection with World Environment Day Celebration. The chief guest of the program was Rtd Agricultural Officer Mr. T.S. Viswan, who won State Award Karshakamitra in the year 1995. He got a national award for Best Coconut Development worker in 2006 and an International Award Swadesi Kera Puraskar in 2003. He introduced the concept of Inter Cropping and Organic Vegetable Farming. The program was presided over by our Principal Mr. Issac.

After the inaugural ceremony, the chief guest spoke about Protection and Conservation of Environment. All the students took an oath to protect the environment. The Principal planted a sapling of coconut tree named Sunnangi, an Andhra breed variety which yields within 3 months. BCEMS-Env-Day-2015b

All the Class leaders received a potted plant to make a class garden. The saplings were given to all the students.